“Over the course of these years, Keep Grapevine Beautiful has touched every entity within our community in a positive manner. Whether it is teaching school children how to recycle or growing fresh produce for the less fortunate or beautifying our lake parks and streets, they have made a huge difference.”

- Radonna Hessel -

Executive Director
Grapevine Chamber of Commerce

Keep Grapevine Beautiful believes in supporting community projects that enhance our mission and are in line with our three core program areas:  beautification, litter prevention, and waste reduction.  In fall 2017, the Board awarded a total of $3,000 in funding for four local projects.  Keep your eyes open and support these local efforts:


1) First United Methodist Church - funds awarded to purchase 72 large trash receptacles for the Shady Oaks Mobile Home community to assist residents in reducing litter in their neighborhood.

2) Grapevine Middle School - funds awarded to expand and continue efforts to create a multi-purpose outdoor learning space for students and the community.

3) Holy Trinity Catholic School - funds awarded to revitalize a certified wildlife habitat and nature center, including a school garden composting area, and other edible that support science and health objectives.

4) Timberline Elementary - funds awarded for the "Building Boxes for a Better Timberline" school garden project, in which students will reconstruct planter boxes to be taller and thus more successful for growing flowers, plants, fruits, and vegetables.

Keep Grapevine Beautiful expects to award new projects every fiscal year.  If you have a project idea in mind, be on the lookout for the application window!  The best way to keep track is to follow Keep Grapevine Beautiful on social media.

2018 Governor’s Community Achievement Awards (GCAA)

Keep Texas Beautiful (KTB) has recognized Grapevine as one of 10 winners of the 2018 Governor’s Community Achievement Awards (GCAA) for outstanding community improvement. The award is one of the most coveted annual environmental and community improvement honors in Texas. The winners will share $2 million in landscape funding from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT); Grapevine will receive $250,000 for a landscaping project along a local state right-of-way.Grapevine will receive its award on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 in Georgetown, Texas during KTB’s 51st Annual Conference.

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